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Different Types of Life Raft

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It is acknowledged to all that life raft plays an important role in saving life and it is really required to be equipped in almost all vessels or boats actually. Ensure that a life raft is available when you are going to get on a boat or involved in water activities. What a life jacket is to a respective, a life raft is to all the passengers on the boat. The great function of life raft surely should attract your attention.

There are various types of life rafts both in domestic and international markets. Each kind of life raft is designed for a special use actually. In fact, the rafts may differ greatly in sizes, colors, materials and special functions. Although their common purpose is to provide help when there are some accidents on the sea, lake or other waters, each kind of life raft has its own special useage.

Generally speaking, life raft can be classified into 3 types, coastal life raft, offshore life raft, and the ocean life raft. As you may know that, different water operations call for different survival or life-saving equipments. For example, if your boat only travels within the coastal area, there is no very strict requirements for your life raft. The coastal life raft is designed for the short -term use, and generally speaking, it is only used in the coastal areas. Further from the coast, stricter requirements for the life raft. As to the offshore life raft, it will commonly has an inflatable floor with dual-wall air chambers. And it is designed for a longer-term survival than the coastal life rafts. Last, the ocean life raft, literally, it should be used in the maritime navigation, so, there is an desperate need for the most protection. The ocean life raft should be designed to help the occupants survive a longer period of time at sea.

What's more, different types of life raft may also differ greatly in its size, color, material and so on. You can choose different size and material according to your different ship sizes or capacity. The proper size is really important to you if you are the owner of the ship since it can ensure everybody on the boat or ship can be rescued without anyone laying aside. Also, just like choosing your own life jacket, it is better for you to choose a life raft with the bright color, like red, orange or yellow.

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